Mayfair has and always will be one of the most exclusive areas of London, if not the world. At little more than 8 acres it is now home to some of the most expensive and luxurious global real estate. When you think of Mayfair you think of wealth and success. If you have always wanted to create your own boutique brand that encapsulates everything that the area stands for then there is no better name than Mayfair Money.

Lead Generation Website

If we hear one thing that is a recurring theme from advisers it is this  – will there be any help with generating business enquiries ?. We understand that concern especially if you are currently working in an environment where there is a regular supply of people to speak to. Fortunately, we have a special relationship with one of the biggest online mortgage websites in the UK who, through proven SEO, are now generating over 200 enquiries every day with plans to escalate that to 800 through the course of the year. While this opportunity may help people consider switching their authorisation it is important to remember any business requires multiple income sources through many diverse  marketing options. This is in order to remain not only profitable but commercially viable as well. We will help you develop these other areas, but it is comforting to know that assistance will be on hand from Day 1 to get you trading and generating income.


Content tailored to your specialisms

For the first time in your career you could, by working with The Money Group, be actively encouraged to market yourself effectively, efficiently and as frequently as possible. There will be no 7 day delay while you wait for advertising approval, no blanket social media ban and certainly no restrictions on what areas you wish to specialise in . Provided you are qualified, and we get the correct regulatory and PI approval you will be allowed the freedom to build your brand as you see fit. We can tailor your website accordingly and should you wish to become a specialist in a certain sector we will, within The Money Group, look to promote your services internally. 

Marketing Materials

Your brand will be sat there waiting for you. The website, logo, strapline, business cards and client facing documents will all be prepared well in advance of your first day of trading.The website will be built, content written and be mobile friendly for the digital age. If you wish we will add you to our  nationwide media contact list so that the trade and national press know they can contact you for press comments, case studies or general thoughts about the industry . We will help you to recruit, train and retain other advisers in order than your brand can become the go-to financial services business in your chosen location.

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