Here at the Money Group we can guarantee you only one thing. We don’t profess to have found the secret of how to do the job right all the time but we can say for certainty that we have learned how not to do the job.

If you are anything like us you have probably watched management teams make decisions on your behalf that are , at best, arbitrary , at worst, negligent . You will have been told how to do your job, when you should and shouldn’t do your job and maybe on occasions been told you cant even do your job. Invariably these instructions will have come from people that have never sat down with a client in their careers.

Perhaps you have watched the business owner sell out above you head, take money off the table, sell you , your clients and the teaspoons and floated off in to sunset never to be seen again.

Maybe you are sat in an office right now fighting a faceless person in compliance who is questioning your file when you know the client situation more intimately than they ever will. 

Or you are a creative. You have more ideas than you know what to do with. You have the ambition, drive and desire to grow your business but you don’t know how to or, even worse, others wont let you.

Regardless of how you arrived to be reading this page we can say with total confidence that we understand where you are coming from – because your story is as much our story as well. All these reasons and many more besides are why we set The Money Group up and have developed a process and a proposition that is unrivalled in the industry. 

Scott Thorpe

Scott Thorpe - Director

Scott has been in Financial Services for over 10 years, and helped to push the second charge mortgage in to a cleaner, and more professional arena. He has campaigned tirelessly for a more transparent market place in the sector, working closely with lenders and regulators alike, to help ensure better client outcomes. He is the brain child behind both packagers Access 4 Finance and London Money loans.

Always a go-getter, he is now helping drive The Money Group to be a major distributor within the mortgage industry. Having worked closely with the broking community for many years, he has seen a rise in their dissatisfaction with how the industry has been operating – mainly to the detriment of the advisers themselves.

Scott Says:
“The benefit for brokers setting up and growing their own brand is all about de-risking their own business models. The Group has already helped me to minimise my own second charge packaging business and now gives me stability if there is a downturn in the market and visibility of where the industry is going. No one should be relying on one source of income. Advisers need to start to understand how the industry operates and begin to take control of their income as well as the advice process. My goal for the group is to have over 25 brands and over 120 advisors by the end of 2020." 


Martin Stewart - Director

Martin Stewart - Director

Martin is the founder and driving force behind The Money Group’s inaugural company – London Money. Now on his third decade of working in the financial services, clients and partners benefit form his wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of the mortgage market. He believes that those running Financial Services businesses should always be the leader when it comes to doing the day job. And one of his current day jobs is being a Director of The Money Group. 

Being the director of the flagship brand, London Money (Directly Authorised since 2011), Martin quickly identified that this was the sector that is ripe for exponential growth and believes that unifying a previously fragmented sector, was the best way to get the broker at the forefront of the industry – where they rightfully belong

Martin says
" Initially I was excited about launching my business as this means being freedom from the constraints of other people. However, I soon realised how uneven the playing field was within the industry, and mainly to the detriment of those that were Directly Authorised.  I believe primarily in the client, as it is they that bring the need for our deliverable solutions. But I believe equally in the adviser and the work that they do. Add in a lender and you have everything you need for a functioning, transparent, and equitable mortgage market "



Jolyn S Javier – Operations Manager

Jolyn S Javier – Operations Manager

Jolyn is the Operations Manager of The Money Group and brings to the company, over 20 years of experience, working with global companies such as HSBC, AIG, and Isuzu. Her expertise is not only on running the daily operations of an organisation, but more importantly on process improvement and empowering management; thus, resulting into a highly efficient and profitable business. Jolyn is a Lean 6 Sigma Green Belter, with technical skills in Problems Solving and Decision Making, and Project Management, to name a few. 

Having observed how businesses become successful, she knows that the best asset a company could have is their people. Therefore, for her, it is imperative that a company has a robust framework of competencies – core and technical. Process and procedure will soon follow, when you know and have the right framework. Lastly, to keep members engaged and confident, Jolyn trains managers and leaders on how to coach and develop their team members.

Jolyn says:
“In anything I always aim for excellence, not perfection - perfection is quantifiable, even finite. Excellence is beyond numbers"

Martin Fawcett – Compliance Consultant

Martin Fawcett – Compliance Consultant

Martin Fawcett takes care of all FCA applications, permissions and liaison where appropriate. He is an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual, who has built up over 30 years of experience in all sectors of the financial services industry. With a proven ability to work alongside both management and staff, in order to identify their needs, Martin provides clear guidance and produces the required results. 


Martin says
“ There are far too many myths surrounding becoming Directly Authorised, the vast majority of which are far from accurate and in many regards, actually untrue. The regulator has a remit to ensure the consumer achieves appropriate outcomes, regardless of what product or service they are buying. They do not wish to shut down small firms, if anything they want more competition in the market place, not less. My dealings with the FCA have always been courteous and positive and there is nothing to be feared by being Directly Authorised or engaging with the regulator ."

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