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The fact that you have reached this far, means you have started investing. You have invested time and effort in knowing more and more about The Money Group. Let us tell you – this is the best investment you have done, so far. 

Why not go one step more? The opportunities could be endless, and only you are able to put a limit to it. 

Contact us now and let us have a conversation. You have seen our story, you seen the stories of others. Would you like to add your story to the ones you have already read?

Our Commitment

As if what we have said is not enough, let us leave you with this – our commitment. We are 100% committed to supporting the success of anyone who wants to join The Money Group. 

More than financial commitments – we will commit our time in assisting you to build your brand, with minimum disruption to your earnings. 

How, you ask?

  • We can create, implement, and complete the legal process of your company formation and direct FCA authorisation for your brand.
  • We will organise the bank account, contracts, and processes, so that you can concentrate on closing off your current authorisation and prepare for what we see, as being your last career move in the industry. 
  • We will help liaise with lenders, providers, and professional connections. 

But this is just the beginning of what we are prepared to do for you. 

And if your next thought is “this may be too good to be true” – it is not. We will not even take any of your income in return. If you have found, engaged, and helped a client, then that income is yours. 

What we ask for in return, is that you uphold the principles that The Money Group stand for, work with the same high standards, be compliant with regulations and have the same passion and commitment that all our partners have to help make The Money Group the greatest brand in Financial Services.

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