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How long does the process take to get set up?
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This can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including how you wish to be authorised and how quickly you need to be trading. We can have you up and running as an Appointed Representative within 2-4 weeks with full FCA  direct authorisation taking around 3 months.

How will The Money Group benefit from this arrangement ?
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Our ethos is to play the long game for ourselves, our shareholders and those people we go in to partnership with. Our unique structure and proposition means that , unlike networks and franchise models , we do not seek to take any money from the business at any time. Instead we invest money if we have to and time when we need to in order to help you build and create a valuable business. Only then will The Money Group begin to see a return on its investment.

Is there any financial assistance in setting up a business?
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Within reason we are happy to support any brand which requires financial assistance . We are very detailed with regard to the first year costings and cash flow and we have extensive knowledge of what resource it takes to create,establish and get a business through that first critical year.

Will there be press coverage?
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We are huge advocates of using the trade press to help promote our stories and our businesses so we would like the opportunity to announce any launch to the press as well as pushing each business owner to become a recognised and respected voice within the industry. However, we understand that not everyone feels comfortable in the spotlight and if you would prefer to take a back seat and grow your business in private then we totally respect that approach.

Help with premises and staffing?
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We have helped a number of businesses find, refurbish and launch high street locations. We want every business owner to be as proud of their brand as we are and if that means investing in logistics and premises then we are happy to consider on a case by case basis. 

It is important that each and every location becomes a multi-adviser, multi-disciplined business as soon as possible so we will help to recruit and develop advisers and support staff at every opportunity.

Do you help with Lead Generation?
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We have access to an abundance of leads via our partnership with a very active and well run lead generation website who use SEO very effectively to generate over 200 leads per day. Each brand will be granted access to this lead source should they require it.

How will the shareholding be decided?
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Our Shareholders Agreement has been prepared at great cost to us but with you in mind. It is the fairest, most transparent and commercially viable proposition within the industry . Or strength is the fact we are building a business that is adviser centric, is being driven forward by advisers and has the advisers best interests at heart. Our Shareholders Agreement will confirm all this and a copy is available on request and subject to signing a Non Disclosure Agreement.

What would happen to my pipeline if our partnership didn’t work out?
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In the unlikely event of that happening our agreement states that you will be entitled to your pipeline in full . The clients are also legally yours and you are free to novate them away should you with to terminate the partnership

What would the yearly costs be to run the business?
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This will vary from business to business and location to location. However , there are a lot myths around the cost of being directly authorised but our statistics show that PI costs, regulatory fees, compliance monitoring, sourcing systems and a CRM are unlikely to cost more than £500pcm in total for the first year. 

If I want to offer a more comprehensive product and service offering am I able to do so?
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Absolutely. It is your business to run as you see fit so if you wish to have a broader range of services we can apply for a variation of permissions to ensure that you are able to advise compliantly in your chosen field.

Am I joining a Network?
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No. All our businesses are Directly Authorised. We do this to ensure that you have control over your business , that there is no outside influence that can restrict your independence and also to protect each business from a rogue adviser giving unsuitable advice. If the question had been - Is this a network of directly authorised businesses linked by a common theme ? Then the answer would be yes.

What are you hoping to achieve with The Money Group?
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We want to see more power put in to the hands of the adviser. We want to give the adviser scale and brand and allow them to dictate terms within the industry to enable them to do an even better job for their clients. And we wish to build value for all those who partake and offer them an exit route. After all, we all know how we entered the industry but no one is very clear on how they will leave it.

What training is available?
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We regularly cross-train within the group and arrange seminars and training days so that we can all learn from others area of expertise . We are also keen for people to cross-refer clients to other brands within the group if they feel their needs will be better served by speaking to another adviser

What would happen if I wanted to leave ?
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You are entirely free to do so. Our agreement confirms that all clients, pipeline and revenue remain yours and that these are available to take with you. All we ask is for a 6 month notice period in order that we can manage any exit plan and for general basic corporate housekeeping 

Do I keep ownership of my client?
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Yes 100% the clients remain yours in perpetuity.

What is the plan for the next five years?
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Growth, growth and then some more growth. We are confident that there is no better model currently in existence that can match ours for transparency and fairness to the adviser nor excitement for what we can achieve together as a collaboration. Our intention is to become a dominant force in financial services while ensuring the adviser is put clearly at the forefront of the sector and treated with the respect we feel they deserve

What is the group mission statement?
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We don’t really have one but if we needed to come up with one quickly it would be - Keep it simple, keep it smart. 

Can I buy more shares?
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There may be opportunities in the future where it is possible to increase stakes in various aspects of the business but maybe this is one to discuss down the pub!

What marketing support is available?
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We are keen proponents of social media and we encourage all brands to partake in as many of the platforms that are available . We are regular providers of opinions pieces for the trade press as well as often being quoted in the mainstream press. Our longer term goal is to make each brand the go-to financial services company in the area or chosen field 

Would I be able to access leads?
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Yes. We have a very good relationship with various lead sources and we anticipate these offering huge potential to our advisers in the years ahead

What does the MG expect from a candidate/partner?
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Rather than expect we would like them to mirror our own ethos of being professional, credible and capable when dealing with client and providers. We would like them to have some entrepreneurial spirt and desire to build a business that they can be proud of. We would like them to be respectful and supportive of fellow brands within the business . We would like them to be pioneers, positive disruptors and leaders of the industry for many years to come.

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